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We help mature adults get out of pain, lose weight, and build strength

Personal training in Valparaiso, IN

We help mature adults get out of pain, lose weight, and build strength

Personal training in Valparaiso, IN

  • Lose weight!

  • Build strength!

  • Get out of pain!

Unlock Your Strength Potential: Overcome Weakness and Build Muscle

Does this sound familiar?

You are suffering from joint pain, reduced mobility, and balance.

Your clothes don't fit anymore.

You are feeling weak and are afraid of not being able to take care of yourself as you age.

At Triforce, we're committed to rewriting the narrative of health and fitness.

Our mission is to be your unwavering partner on the journey to weight loss, strength, and a pain-free life. We believe that every individual is unique, and through personalized training, expert guidance, and a supportive community, we empower you to transform your body and your life. Our passion is your well-being, and our purpose is your success.



Clients who have struggled with chronic pain can find relief and success through our fitness programs. By addressing pain management and offering exercises and techniques to alleviate discomfort, we enable you to enjoy a pain-free life. This success leads to improved mobility, reduced stress, and a better quality of life.



Beyond physical transformations, Triforce promotes overall well-being. Clients experience increased energy, improved mental health, reduced stress, and a greater sense of happiness. The success of feeling healthier and more vibrant extends to your daily lives, impacting your work, relationships, and personal fulfillment.


Clients who engage with our fitness program can experience remarkable weight loss success. By following our tailored plans and guidance, you can shed unwanted pounds and achieve your ideal body weight. This success not only enhances your physical appearance but also boosts your self-esteem and overall well-being.


Our fitness programs help clients build strength and gain lean muscle mass. This benefit is especially appealing to those looking to improve their physical fitness and appearance. Increased strength not only makes daily activities easier but also reduces the risk of injury and supports a more active lifestyle.

Founder Story

I am Petar Arsenijevic from Valparaiso, Indiana. I am a graduate of Valparaiso University, with a BS in Biology and additional post-graduate coursework in anatomy and physiology; I also have a significant amount of experience in rehabilitation. I am certified with NASM-CPT, CES, PES, nutrition, and weight loss. I offer these services in person and online. I specialize in helping adults and kids improve their strength, flexibility, cardio, and nutrition. I also work with athletes and help them improve their sport performance. I am passionate about fitness because I enjoy teaching and helping people achieve their personal excellence. I became a fitness professional because I have an extended education in medicine and am able to apply that knowledge effectively to serve many of my clients needs. I am on a mission to help adults and children get rid of pain from poor training methodologies and help them build strength, flexibility, and improve their sport performance.

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What clients say about us

TriForce Training is the premier place to workout in Valpo. Period. I have utilized personal trainers my entire adult life, and Petar, is far and away the most talented and well-rounded trainer I have ever worked with. With his positive approach, energetic personality and highly effective training techniques we have accomplished multiple goals together: weight loss, muscle gain, higher levels of endurance and over-all greater flexibility. Give him a call and check TriForce out. If you are motivated and have a goal that you truly want to accomplish, TriForce will expertly guide you to your results!


Jonathan Young

Valparaiso, IN

Whether you're new to fitness or a lifetime veteran, Petar has the knowledge and skill to take your overall fitness to the next level. If you're wanting to reach a new goal, Petar can help you achieve it. Petar is an amazing trainer that is incredibly well versed in all aspects of fitness. He works with you to understand your goals, lifestyle, experience, and timeline to help maximize your time with him. He helped me adjust my training and nutrition to help me prepare for my first Half-Ironman. At this point, my entire family goes to him for training and he's helped us through life events such as recovering from an automobile accident, starting a bodybuilding career, training for the Mt. Kilimanjaro ascent, and much more...


Alan Moretton

Valparaiso, IN

Fitness Programs

Personal Training

If you want the absolute best results in the shortest time - then our Personal Training program is for you! Triforce Fitness’ Personal Training in Valparaiso is individualized programs designed for anyone who wants to get fit in an intimate, personal setting. Our Personal Trainers are 100% dedicated to our clients and their goals.

Triforce Fitness’ Personal Training workouts are designed to help our clients achieve various desired results including but not limited too increased energy, improved self-esteem, better body awareness, better functional mobility, improved posture and alignment, increased muscle strength, increased muscle endurance, improved flexibility, improved balance, loss of body fat, gain lean muscle mass, weight loss, improved sports performance, improved aerobic endurance, and reduced stress. Our Personal Training is tailored to fit the need of the client and his or her goals.

Common themes among all Triforce Fitness workouts include:

-Flexibility Training

-Balance Training

-Core Training

-Resistance Training

-Cardio-Respiratory Training

From day one in our Personal Training program, we'll come together on a plan that focuses on your unique priorities and gives you the best chance to succeed. Find the system that works best for your body and train with confidence knowing you've got a professional by your side every step of the way.

Our Personal Training in Valparaiso can help you:

-Burn fat and build lean muscle

-Improve your cardiovascular health in no time

-Avoid the plateau with workouts that are always changing

-Enjoy constant feedback and support

Don't waste another workout. Get on board today with a Personal Training program that will help you see sustainable results in no time. We're proud to work with men and women across Valparaiso, achieving goals all across the fitness spectrum. You could be next.

Semi-Private Training

Enjoy Complete Customization Of A Tailored Fitness Program Right Here In Valparaiso

There's simply no substitute for the impact a customized fitness program can have on your body. But sometimes, we also want to be surrounded by a group of supporters who can keep us motivated to dig deep and give it our all.That's where our Semi-Private Personal Training here at Triforce Fitness comes in.This program is designed for small groups and is completely customizable to meet your unique goals and skill level. We're helping people all across Valparaiso find success - and you could be next!Just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more!

Our Semi-Private Personal Training Can Help You See Results Like Never Before

That's the beauty of this program - it's the best of both worlds. We're helping you take on a targeted training program that caters to your unique skill set and the goals that you want to achieve.But we're also giving you the chance to challenge close friends or loved ones and help each other stay motivated like never before.

Our Semi-Private Personal Training in Valparaiso offers:

-Professional coaching to help you find success and stay injury free

-Complete customization to meet the needs of any goal or skill set

-Cutting-edge resources and amenities along the way

-Proven strategies for everything from improved strength to everyday mobility.

Who Is Our Semi-Private Personal Training Designed For?

Truthfully, this class is perfect for any age, experience level, or set of goals. The idea behind our Semi-Private Personal Training is to surround you with like-minded classmates who can have your back and keep you challenged.

But we're not letting you settle for cookie-cutter solutions. That's why every system that we offer is tailored to meet the needs of your group and help you achieve the things that matter most to you.

At Triforce Fitness, we're proud to work with:

-High-level athletes across any sport or discipline

-Middle-aged men and women hoping to stay challenged

-Older groups seeking an active lifestyle and pain-free movement

Take The First Step Today! Join Us For The Best Semi-Private Personal Training In Valparaiso!

Are you ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? Join us today at Triforce Fitness for the best Semi-Private Personal Training in town. We're helping Valparaiso take on a tailored program that caters to your unique goals and priorities.

Sport Performance Training

Take Advantage Of The Best Sport-Specific Workouts In Town With Our Sports Performance Training

Separate yourself from the competition with the best training plan in town. Our Sports Performance Training at Triforce Fitness in Valparaiso can help athletes take their skills to the next level and watch their hard work translate into higher athletic performance.

Our Sports Performance Training System Relies On Years Of Expertise

 At Triforce Fitness, we're not guessing. Our staff is full of accomplished coaches who have worked with some of the best athletes in town. Our goal is to blend our proven system of strength and fitness training with your unique skill set and the goals you hope to achieve.

You'll stay motivated like never before and build confidence in yourself as you challenge yourself week in and week out. 

Sports Performance Training can help you:

- Build functional strength

-Improve your mobility, speed, and agility

-Move more efficiently in everything you do

-Learn how to juggle exterior factors like nutrition, rest, and mental preparation  

PLUS, With Our Sports Performance Training, You Can Stay On The Path To Your Goals

Injuries happen - There's no way to prevent that.

But you can reduce the risk with improved movement and a sustainable training routine that prepares your body for the rigors of competition. At Triforce Fitness, our athletes learn how to fuel their bodies and understand how every muscle works in unison to make every catch, throw, or shot look great.

With the help of our dedicated staff, you can:

-Identify and improve your areas of weakness

-Gain flexibility and reduce stress on your joints

-Learn how to treat your body in-season, out of season, and everywhere in between

There's No Better Way To Rise Above The Rest. Get More Today With Our Sports Performance Training In Valparaiso!

Whether your goal is to make the team or set a school record, we're ready to help you make it happen. Join us in Valparaiso today and see how much you have to gain.

Fill out the short form on your screen to get started. A member of the Triforce Fitness team will be in touch right away!

Weight Loss

Our Weight Loss Program Has Everything You Need To Succeed

Looking for a better way to train and see results?

Then come see us at Triforce Fitness and take on the best Weight Loss Program in all of Valparaiso. Our team at Triforce Fitness is here to help you get real results. When you get started with our weight loss program, you'll get amazing results in a comfortable and supportive setting.

Just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more or to get started today!

Why Is Our Weight Loss Program Right For You?

We are proud to offer a Weight Loss Program that works for everyone. At Triforce Fitness, we have combined the best aspects of strength building and fat burning for a total-body workout that can keep you on your toes and keep your body guessing week after week. With our Weight Loss Program in Valparaiso, you getProfessional coaching and supportA proven path to total-body resultsResources and education to help you get the most of your body Incredible self-confidence in all aspects of your lifeTriforce Fitness is proud to provide men and women from around the Valparaiso area with the opportunity to get a high-quality workout from caring, compassionate coaches.

Learn More About Our Weight Loss Program In Valparaiso Today!

You don't want to miss out on everything we have to offer here at Triforce Fitness. Our Weight Loss Program can change the way you think about health and wellness and is helping men and women across Valparaiso enjoy incredible weight loss success. You could be next!Just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more or to get started today!

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We help mature adults get out of pain, lose weight, and build strength.

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